Waterbody is an evolving form of aquatic bodywork.

How best to describe it? It is very much akin to a receiving a deeply relaxing and nurturing massage, yet held in a warm pool, with the buoyancy of the water enabling greater freedom of movement for your body. Floating in such a safe and gentle way soothes unwanted tensions, aches and pains as your body naturally unwinds. It calms both the mind and nervous system and allows you to experience a wonderful sense of inner-calm and tranquillity. Many say it is womb-like and dream-like, as if a doorway between worlds; the busy outer-world dropping into the background and your rich inner-landscape softly coming to the fore. There is invitation to surrender to being cradled and held by the majesty and generosity of the water and with this, opportunity for joy and bliss to surface and replenish you.

Each receiver’s experience whilst floating is individual and unique. Some wish to dive deeply and explore their emotional wellbeing whilst others enjoy lighter and more playful sessions. Some sessions can be dynamic and powerful whilst some may lean more towards silence and stillness. And, of course, there are all the tones and shades in between. All are welcome and all offer their own significance. No matter what arises in each session, everyone is held with the deepest trust and respect of your own power and connection to source, together with the intention to listen as attentively as possibly can be to comfort and needs.

Ultimately, my wish for all those who come is to create space to tune into and honour an inner-peace and knowing that is hard to find elsewhere.

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